Lead the cute revolution !
Take control of a crowd of rioters, each one being cuter than the other.

Fight the evil forces that took control over the great capitals all over the world and restore peace.
The city is your sandbox
Use the city to your advantage. Take whatever you can put your hands on and throw it at the police. Cones, street lamps or even exploding cars !

You can even take down whole buildings to cause massive damage !
Anything is fair game when you're on a quest to let cuteness rule !
Beware of the Brainwash Patrol
The Brainwash Patrol won't let you do all this without resistance. They have a huge arsenal at hand : snipers, drones and even helicopters...

You will need to master your crowd and its powers to be victorious.
Who will you lead ?
There's even more to unlock and discover in the game !